IKEA Playroom Design for Little Boys and Little Girls

The main concept for designing a child’s playroom or nursery is that the children’s room should come alive and cheerful. As in the design of IKEA child’s room, children room interior design is bright and colorful.

Cool Blue Color Schame for Kid’s Room

The color blue is one of the cool colors have a calming effect on the mind. It seems to use a cool blue color in children’s bedrooms. Tip’s : Overusing the cool colors can also have a negative impact on the mind by making the environment gloomy and depressing.

Warm Color for Kid’s Room

A bright warm colors like red, pink and yellow to create a pleasant environment. Kids tend to feel much energetic and charged up in rooms with these shades. One can therefore, find such color shades in nurseries and kids stores.

Crafts Items

Children should be encouraged to make art and crafts items for the decoration of their own rooms. Kids have many ideas to share with us and they can really create a great place to spend time all by themselves. It is only that parents need to guide the children properly and correct their mistakes or just give them appropriate suggestions. The wall decorations for kids rooms add to the beauty and comfort ; one should think about this option to enhance the appearance of kids room.

Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

Use of bunk beds solves most of the storage problems in a kids room. It becomes easy to store many different items in the drawers and other compartments which come with bunk beds. It helps in organizing the clutter and thereby, keeping the room clean. The kids items and toys can be stacked/stored properly in these bunk beds. One could also think about buying toy boxes separately for storing toys in a proper manner.

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