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Decorating Styles Tropical Chic. Interior decorating doesn’t require hiring a designer anymore thanks to the wide availability of knowledge via the internet.  And great piecesavailable at affordable prices at major department stores nationwide.  One of the most popular styles today is Tropical Chic at first glance. This term conjurs images of tiki-themed jungle pads always brimming with the lounge music sounds of Herb Alpert and Esquivel. However, Tropical Chic is perhaps better described as lush minimalism. Since it uses tropical elements in an elegant and simplistic manner.  Wild, exotic luxurious styles are top of the inspiration list for this interior decorating style.  Let’s take a moment and look at some great tips for giving your space a tropical chic makeover.

Wall colors Decorating Styles Tropical Chicdecorating-styles-tropical-chic-2

When it comes to creating a beautiful tropical chic color scheme, begin with neutrals.  Colors like ivory, beige, pastel yellows, and muted greens will be a perfect starting point. Accent with darker, rich colors such as mahogany browns and cherry reds.  For a tropical chic space, relaxing is in order, so stay away from intense, vibrant hues or limit them to very small accents.  Research your color palette well before you begin work on putting your design together, because it’s key!

 Decorating Styles Tropical Chic for Furniture


The right furniture for a tropical chic space needs to retain the minimalist. And elegant aesthetic that is hallmark of the style.  Dark woods and upholstered pieces will lend the atmosphere of lush relaxation. You want to convey in a tropical chic room, particularly when used with wood floors.  Be careful when choosing furniture that dark woods don’t take away from the light and airy nature of the style. These elements should be present to subtly ground the tropical chic space, not to forcibly drag it down.

Take inspiration from nature


When choosing accessories and decorative items for your tropical chic space. Choose pieces that reflect the natural beauty of the tropics.  This means choosing interior tropical plants, animals prints, and bamboo elements. Is to be encouraged with the caveat that they are a spice rather than a vegetable.  Don’t overdo these bolder elements.


Or your space is in danger of transforming from tropical chic paradise to the bachelor lounge of yesteryear.  Also look for elements that reflect nature without directly mimicking it tables and other pieces with delicate metalwork that echoes crawling vines, for instance. Decorating tropical chic is the way to go for a lush, tropical paradise that will bring you many days of happiness. If you’re looking to give your space a tropical chic makeover, we hope these tips help you begin your journey!

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