High-Tech : Garage Man Cave Ideas

This man cave in Connecticut has everything more than any free space in the home’s backyard. Subterranean parking next to wine cellar, with car elevator, remote controlled toilet and vanishing TV in the bathroom mirror are just few examples how this man cave can be a dream space.

Front look

Carriage house style doors It is not enough to only adore the interior of this man cave. You can feel the luxury even to its exterior. It built in traditional yet shopisticated exterior design with standing-seam metal roof. The batten siding contrast and cedar board put in contrast with bright white trim give the luxury feel to the exterior.

High-tech man cave

Rick Krug and his team at TR Building & Remodeling built this dream space in the backyard of their client. He wants a barn-like structure garage design for his car and wine collection. This is not custom garage design for anyone, it’s a high-tech garage surrounded by luxury accent.
This 1,300-square-feet interior has not only number of garage bays, but also the technology to amaze people. As the subterranean garage, the designer provide the “man cave” garage with an industrial-strength car elevator to bring down car to basement and allow other car to park on top.

Wine collar inside man cave, believe it!

The designs of this man cave become even more special with a wine cellar in the basement. The clients can use this space to keep his wine collection while have his car parked.

The features of luxury man cave

This luxury garage design is not only to park the luxury cars but also consider as a workspace. It is a multifunction space, not only for cars and wine but also for other activity.
The upper level of this luxury garage has a deck and seating are to view the cars with TV lounge, wet bar and food area. This place is not only for car viewing but consider as entertaining place to watch movie or football match.
Wooden bathroom light fixtures The bathroom is no exception. It designed in luxury mode with a built-in vanishing LCD TV in the mirror, urinal and a remote-controlled toilet.
Rustic garage interiors In the upper level you will find stainless steel stair stringer in oil-rubbed-bronze and copper accents. It looks warm and carry the house feel to this luxury garage.

Outdoor link

Carriage house style dream homes The extensive outdoor area designed with stonework to link the main house with the garage and man cave. It finish in same design to tie the spaces aesthetically.

Garage or man cave is not forever see as the workplace with your car. You can design it with outstanding design, adopt the high-tech concept while having a good time in your cave.
Sources : houzz

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