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Have you ever sat down on a sofa and thought to yourself, “Gee, something is missing”. If there’s one thing that makes a living room complete, it’s a set of decorative pillows. Even if you have the most expensive furniture & decor in the world but you don’t have decorative pillows, then the room will always seem bare and incomplete.

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What’s the deal with throw pillows that make them so important? It’s just that in every household that you come across, you’re sure to run across a set of throw pillows no matter what the furniture & decor setup will be. When you look at it from a practical standpoint, it seems that decorative pillows aren’t really useful for anything. It begs the question on why do people bother buying these pillows in the first place?

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Craftionary throughout Furniture Decor – Decorative Pillows

These pillows add a feeling of depth and warmth to any home. A living room without decorative throw pillows will seem too utilitarian and bare. Without a throw pillow, a sofa will just look like someplace to sit down. With pillows, a sofa will look inviting and comfortable.

If they’re so important, why do furniture sellers not include them when you buy living room sets from them? Again, this boils down to personal taste. Not everyone will like throw pillow designs but everyone needs them. So the vendors leave it up to the consumer to pick and buy their own designs.

Hand-made decorative pillows are among the best ones that I’ve encountered. Although not everyone has the skill and the know-how on how to make these pillows. Those that do make their own deserve all the praises they can get. The hand-made throw pillows reflect the personality of the one that created them and that in itself is priceless.

Hand-made pillows

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are usually the center of attraction in any living room even if they don’t match with the current furniture & decor. That personal touch to the home is something that every homeowner strives to achieve. Just by looking at the hand-made decorative pillows you can tell what sort of a person the homeowner is.

Even real-estate agents know the value of throw pillows. I remember a seminar I attended once on how to sell homes during the financial crisis. And one speaker stressed on throw pillows. She talked about throw pillows for thirty minutes. How they can drastically increase your chances of selling a house. Just by adding a few hundred dollars’ worth of throw pillows to the rooms when you’re doing your walk through. People are attracted to comfort and nothing exemplifies that more than throw pillows.

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Psychological factors play a part whenever we see throw pillows. How most of us were raised as babies can show how much throw pillows have affected our psyche. Babies are usually on a soft bed with a lot of soft pillows. The pillows leave their mark on us and every time we see pillows. We get reminded of that very comfortable time.

Whatever the reason you may have, it’s always best to have decorative throw pillows. With regards to furniture & decor, just drop a couple of decorative pillows here and a few there, instant warmth!

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