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Decorating Room with a Striped Bed Sheet

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Decorating Room with a Striped Bed Sheet- Before designing a bedroom. If you have decided the design of bedding. Then it’s quite easy to set a design scheme for the rest of your room. Striped Bed Sheet etched with straight lines are helpful in adding dimension and design to your bedroom. Striped sheets are mostly painted with two contrasting colors. So, once you decide the sheet, you almost know the colors as well you are supposed to splash in the entire room. For most of the bedrooms, use of primary, secondary and an accent color works the best.

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If your Striped Bed Sheet has more than two colors. Then you have the flexibility to use all of these hues. Pick the brightest shade on the sheet to paint your walls; it will brighten up space instantly. Then, other hues of the sheet can be used to decide the color. The curtains, rugs, table covers, and other décor accessories. In case your sheet is printed with bands in two shades only. Then you can either stay restricted to these tones or can go more creative by adding a third brighter shade from them.

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The wall facing your bedding can be painted with striped pattern. It will further accentuate the dynamic effect of a striped pattern in your setting. However, in this case, other three walls. Should be splashed with soft and neutral shades to tone down the overall aura. In the case of multihued stripes, you better use white, gray or other neutral tones. To avoid the too shimmer in your room that can be torturous for your eyes. Remember, design scheme should be always joyful and a complete delight to watch.

striped bed sheet black and white

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Now the furniture you can use in the room depends upon the radiance of the stripes. For stripes tinted with extreme bright hues like orange, red, pink, navy etc use light wood toned furniture. On the other side, charcoal, gray and dark brown furniture is most welcome when the stripes are dabbed with soft muted tones. Next, you have the textiles like rugs, curtains, cushions or other soft furnishings you want to use.

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Whatever you choose to adorn your space should complement your striped bedding. Mix up various patterns but with complementary colors for a stunning décor that looks like the professional work. For instance, if your Striped Bed Sheet is carved with black and white stripes. Then you can use a curtain in white and black polka dots or zebra print. Accessorize your solid curtain with a striped valance or you can layer two curtain panels with any two shades on the sheet. The rug you use should always be solid in a striped theme with a color already available on the bed sheet.

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Even the artwork like graphics, mirrors, lamps, throw pillows, candles, pictures etc you buy must include any one color of the sheet. Else, you can also pick a couple of striped accessories to get that pulled together look. From homebyfreedom.com, get checks Striped Bed Sheet in pure cotton and give your bedroom a stylish makeover you are yearning for so long. These are available with matching pillow and cushion covers as well that can further help you in giving the finishing touch.

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