Country Style: Iconic American Interior

How to Create an Iconic American Interior. Inspired by eight influential styles seen in cities across the United States. Following the contemporary and country style home decorating ideas.

Cape Cod-style Interior

Feel at home in a Cape Cod-style interior by using beach-inspired colors like sage green, yellow, tan and white.

Paint window trims white to brighten up the windows and give the space a refreshing, easygoing look. Choose charming floral or striped patterns on furniture to help complete the essence of Cape Cod, no matter where you live.

The San Francisco Look

To bring Victorian style into your home, fill the room with traditional and elegant furniture. Lush drapes and crown molding will enhance the richness of the space.

Curate an eclectic clutter using formal furniture and rich drapery. Create the look by adding embellished accessories such as gilded candlesticks and tasseled pillows.

The Charleston Look

Symmetrically arrange traditional, formal furniture over an ornamental rug to create a Charleston-style living room in your home.

Use lightweight drapes to let in more light and air, and accessorize with decorative pillows and antique pieces for a stunning effect.

The Los Angeles Interior

Create a mid-century modern look with sleek furniture, hardwood flooring and light floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Accent the space with modern art and streamlined pieces, but use them sparingly for a minimalistic look to help keep the space open and airy.

The New Orleans Interior

Find furniture or vintage accent pieces that have cast iron or gilded elements. To add to the look, use touches of purple, green and gold for a Mardi Gras feel.

New Orleans is about French-inspired interiors that include elaborate woodwork, crown molding and elegant furniture.

The Key West Interior

For a Key West-inspired space, paint walls a crisp white and choose large furniture pieces.

Accent the white with bright colors like fuchsia and royal blue, and incorporate summer-inspired floral patterns. Place a woven or floral rug over hardwood flooring, and add wicker elements and greenery to complete the look.

The Chicago Interior

The interior of a prairie-style home incorporates several horizontal lines. Create the look with wood trim around windows and along the ceiling.

Choose a light neutral wall color so the trim stands out even more. To define the space, put a rug over hardwood flooring, and finish the look with neutrally upholstered furniture.

The Santa Fe Look

To obtain a Southwestern look, use a warm wall color and natural stone flooring, and incorporate rich browns for wood- and leather-upholstered furniture.

Accent the furniture with a geometric fabric to add dimension to the space. Dress up the windows with lightweight shades, and pair natural elements with rustic accessories like clay pottery to complete the look.

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