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Traditional Window molding is trim that separates the window from the rest of the wall. They range from being simple pieces of wood, metal or plastic to artistic pieces of architecture. Window molding can change the look of an entire room. The design can be both functional and decorative. There are a variety of colors, styles and materials that you can select from for your window moldings. Window molding depends on a number of different things, from the location of the window, to personal taste and the budget. Before you start installing your window molding you should carefully consider the options. Keep in mind that different molding styles can be mixed and matched. Make sure the style coordinates with the design of your home’s architecture.

Traditional Window Molding

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Traditional window molding captures the classical colonial style. Traditional casing is where the same piece of trim is used on all four sides of the window. The molding can be constructed in various widths, thicknesses and types of wood.

Traditional Window Molding  Crown style


Trim And Crown Molding Installation Crown Molding Installation in Artistic Pieces Traditional Window Molding

Crown Molding for Window

Crown window is a classic molding style that is great for large or centerpiece windows. Crown molding refers to the trim on top of the window. It ranges from simple to highly decorative. Crown molding is quite difficult to install because it leans out from the window frame at an angle. This requires a professional to do it to avoid some mistake. To add to the classic appeal of crown molding dress up the rest of the window using sculpted trim and other ornate decorations.



Traditional Living Room With Transom Window Amp Crown Molding with regard to Window Molding for Luxurious Living space

Luxurious space

When it comes to a luxury or modern room design, install window molding will help you to give more feel to the room. You can paint the molding in same color with the wall to synchronize the color scheme. White and metallic shades quite represent modern contemporary look. A cornice is a decorative fixture on the top of a window. It can be used to hide fixtures.


Window Covering Options Craftsman Style Window Trim Craftsman in Artistic Pieces Traditional Window Molding


Craftsman style window casing

Craftsman style window moldings are simple, with straight lines and rounded edges. Craftsman moldings are thick and bold, emphasizing clean, simple lines and design. This type of molding is typically solid, with simple detail on the bottom and top pieces.


Wooden window molding

75 Formal Amp Casual Living Room Designs Amp Furniture for Window Molding for Luxurious Living space

With applying window molding, you can have best home decoration done. It won’t be a tough task to have window moldings. The most important it choose the right style, play with colors and you are ready to have beautiful window with molding.

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