10 Best Living Room Color Schemes

Create the living room more vibrant with bright color scheme makes the comfort for the family. It’s not hard, just by using your favorite color, or color family is designed to be the color scheme throughout the room, following the idea of 10 best color scheme for your living room.

Green Botanical living room

Fresh living room, different shades of green work well together and create a relaxing, laid-back feel. Natural material and furniture in this living room, wood flooring, green coffee table, and green sofa. Combining hard surface with organic shape, these side tables look like stylised lily pad islands in this living room.

Vibrant blue living room

If you’re sticking to a single colour, mix textures to add interest – the glossy finish to rough-luxe textures ups the glam factor in this living room. A curvaceous royal-blue lamp and blue chair adds sleek contrast to the chair and rug.

Indigo and hot pink living room

Set spicy shades against a dark background for a dramatic and elegant feel, and mix patterns for a laid-back look. A dark wood coffee table is perfect for the opulent setting, while coloured glass and metal accessories add further vibrance.

Living room with white backdrop

Adding colour through bold furniture and accessories is an easy way to bring a white room to life. It also makes the living room feel open, airy and look bright.

Floral living room

Colours don’t have to be dark or overwhelming to make an impact. The sofa and curtains in this living room are covered in knocked-back monochrome roses, with hot-red and bright-pink trims and accessories. Geometric lines add a sharper note to the look.

Yellow and teal living room

Teal walls combine beautifully with a mustard sofa and rug for a warm scheme. Teak furniture adds a retro feel, while the large black and white framed print completes the look.

Colourful tweed living room

This colourful living room draws on tweed’s fashion heritage to give it sassy class. Bold and varied patterns are mixed for impact and accessorised with quilting and smatterings of gold.

Pastel living room

Powder blue is a power colour – here it?s used to soften both a formal sofa and the ridges of a ceramic lamp shade. A cushion in candy stripes completes the scheme.

Multi-coloured living room

Bold wallpaper defines a lounging area in this two-tone living room, while grey paint on the adjacent walls creates a work zone, reinforced by the at-odds carpet.

Coral and blue living room

A wallpapered feature wall is a striking focal point in this living room, and is offset by a clean-lined modern sofa to create maximum impact. The sofa has been upholstered in a vivid, coral block colour to add extra panache. A blue rug and blue paintwork echoes the wallpaper pattern for a stylish finish.

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